Young people in Milton Keynes can now register for summer filmmaking club

    Young filmmakers in Milton Keynes are being invited to sign up for a local Junior Filmmakers club.

    Junior Filmmakers offers a range of filmmaking training and production programmes for young people aged 9 to 19 who have a budding passion for the film industry. 

    Since starting in 2013, over 2000 children in and out of schools in Milton Keynes, Bucks and Bedfordshire have produced more than 100 films with the club.

    Budding film-makers have also been able to take part in almost 100 film premieres.

    The club offers young individuals the opportunity to learn how to create film scripts, prepare storyboards, how to crew and cast for their production, carry out pre-production activities and produce their films - preparing them for higher education in university, film school, or creative employment.

    Junior Filmmakers runs a weekly film club which you can register for here and have also opened their registration for young people to enroll in their Milton Keynes summer film camp in collaboration with the Milton Keynes council.

    See the dates and times for the summer camp and register here.

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