Young entrepreneurs in Milton Keynes focus on wellbeing

    Denbigh School

    Denbigh students competing in this year’s Young Enterprise National Business Challenge have chosen to focus on the wellbeing of young people in light of the challenges they have faced during the Pandemic.

    The Team of Sixth Form students who are called ‘Meta-Noya’ which is Greek for 'the journey of changing one's mind, heart or way of life', have created ‘peace of mind packs’ which aim to stimulate the senses and relieve stress.

    Every year the Young Enterprise organisation tests the enterprise skills of students across the country by challenging them to create a product and sell it to the public. Students must produce a business plan, a marketing strategy, conduct consumer research and of course sell as many of their products as they can. ‘Meta-Noya’ has been selling it’s ‘peace of mind packs’ containing incense sticks, herbal tea, candles, oils and sweet treats at School events and through social media (@meta-noya on Instagram, Pinterest, & Tik Tok).

    Andrea Frame, Head of School said: ‘We are very proud of our Young Enterprise Programme here at Denbigh which challenges students to show that they can be the entrepreneurs of tomorrow. ‘Meta-Noya’ has taken every opportunity both in and out of school to spread the word about its ‘peace of mind packs’ and they are proving popular.

    "It is great to see that they have developed a product that focuses on the wellbeing of young people after the challenges they have faced over the last two years.’

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