YMCA Milton Keynes facilitates mental health event for local young people

    YMCA MK facilitated a Hope Hack event which provided insight on mental health for young people. The day was filled with inspiring speeches, amazing performances, and important discussions.

    “The Hope Hack invited local young people to share their views on mental health provision in Milton Keynes. The feedback was honest and well thought out. The young people bravely presented their views to the room, reminding us that no matter your age, you are always capable of inspiring others and provoking social change. We look forward to hosting more and more youth led events in the future.” - Tayler Tookey, Youth and Community Manager

    Young people taking part produced some innovative solutions including:

    • Increasing social media regulation.
    • Increasing community youth work.
    • Increasing early mental health support.
    • Decriminalization of vulnerable people.
    • Increased availability of mentoring in medical settings.

     These ideas will be fed into The Hope Collective’s Manifesto, to inspire, change and provide hope for the future.

    The theme that ran through all discussions was the importance of having “one person who really cares” - a trusted adult committed to their success. This was echoed in the inspirational speeches delivered by key speakers, who each had 'that person’ who supported them to achieve their goals, inspired them, and who really cared.

    One of the mentees who took part in the workshop said, “It is so cool and well organised, and if only every day at school was this fun and interactive…then maybe I would go!.”

    YMCA MK hope to can continue giving young people equal voice and decision-making power when developing innovative ideas, activities, policies, or services.

    Find out more about The Hope Collective here.


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