World Refugee Day pillar to be unveiled at the Milton Keynes Rose

    World Refugee Day will be marked on Saturday 20th June with a new Pillar being unveiled at The Milton Keynes Rose.

    Refugees Welcome MK have held gatherings at the Milton Keynes Rose in previous years to mark the date.

    Now having sought dedication for a World Refugee Day Pillar, they are set to unveil it this weekend with the help of Milton Keynes Mayor Councillor Andrew Geary and the Chair of Refugees Welcome MK, Revd Tim Norwood.

    World Refugee Day is internationally recognised, it was created to raise awareness of the situation of refugees throughout the world and to help support them. People the world over have come to live in Milton Keynes and refugees are welcomed in the city.

    Ian Revell, Chief Executive of Milton Keynes Community Foundation, commented: "We are proud to have supported the development of the new pillars at the Milton Keynes Rose."

    "The Pillar recognises the growing population of refugees who are establishing their lives within Milton Keynes and enriching our city immeasurably."

    The Milton Keynes Cenotaph Trust welcomes the new inscription, World Refugee Day encourages us all to take the time to think about the millions of displaced people around the world who have been forced to flee their homes due to war, conflict and persecution.

    COVID-19 poses an additional layer of threat and risk.

    Debbie Brock Chair of Milton Keynes Cenotaph Trust said: "We can demonstrate our welcome to refugees in our community on World Refugee Day commemorating the strength, courage and perseverance of refugees globally."

    Due to the remaining restrictions on public gatherings, this will be a much smaller event than in previous years with just representatives from the organisations involved.

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