Will you need to see a pharmacist in Milton Keynes? Durex recalls batches of condoms over split fears

    The company says a limited number of condoms made earlier this year could "burst during application or use".

    Durex has recalled some batches of its Real Feel and latex-free condoms over fears they could split.

    In a statement on its website, the contraceptive manufacturer said certain batches did not reach the requirements for "burst pressure" towards the end of their shelf life.

    That means there may be an increase in the number of condoms that "burst during application or use".

    It concerns a "limited number of condoms made earlier this year" which are on sale in the UK and Ireland.

    The company said there was "no immediate safety concern for consumers and only a limited number of batches are affected".

    But it had decided to make the recall after "working closely with the relevant regulatory authorities".

    Durex advised customers to read the products' label, which says that if a condom leaks or bursts, assistance should be sought from a doctor or pharmacist "as soon as possible, at least within 72 hrs".

    Batches affected have expiry dates of between Dec 2020 and Feb 2021.

    There is a full list on the company's website.

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