Wildflowers begin to grow on Milton Keynes' famous grid roads in a bid to boost sustainability

    Wildflower seeds have been sown on the uncut grass verges across Milton Keynes and are beginning to flourish in a bid to boost sustainability.

    As part of Milton Keynes Council's sustainability strategy and with the intention to become one of the world’s greenest cities, MK Council is creating new spaces for bees and other insects.

    Aaround 97% of native wildflower meadows were lost across Britain in the last century, leaving the population of bees and other pollinators to decline.

    Wildflowers provide food, shelter and places to breed for insects which then allows the insects to provide more food for creatures up the chain such as birds, bats and amphibians.

    MK Council is also planning to reduce its mowing cycle to allow plants to flourish.

    As well as this, Sedum Plants have been have been planted on top of 30 bus shelters as part of trial to help support biodiversity and reduce vehicle pollution.

    bus shelter

    Since Milton Keynes Council planted the Wildflowers along MK's famous grid roads, the number of wildflowers along miles of green spaces has increased.

    This result has already had a positive impact on more than 1,000 different species.

    Milton Keynes Council has said if you’d like to join in and help increase the biodiversity in Milton Keynes, you can plant a variety of flowers in your garden, including native wildflowers.

    They have also warned residents not to be too fast to trim lawns, especially those with dandelions or clover and you might want to add a bee hotel or even just a small rock pile as a place for creatures to live.


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