Here's when pubs, nightclubs and beer gardens in Milton Keynes will reopen

    The Prime Minister has revealed his plans to ease lockdown restrictions, with the reopening of beer gardens being high up the list.

    Setting out his roadmap for easing England's third COVID-19 lockdown, Boris Johnson told MPs that the dates in his four-stage plan were not set in stone and were the earliest possible point at which the restrictions could be lifted.

    But Mr Johnson hopes that after schools reopen on 8th March, with some outdoor restrictions lifted by 29th March, the next step will be to reopen beer gardens from 12th April at the earliest.

    The plan is that, from then, outdoor hospitality can reopen, including pubs and restaurants - with the rule of six or a larger group from two households.

    Customers will not have to buy a substantial meal to have an alcoholic drink, and Mr Johnson joked that the scotch egg debate had been put to bed, but customers will have to be seated when ordering and eating or drinking.

    In step three, 17th May, the Prime Minister hopes that indoor hospitality will reopen. This means that pubs, restaurants, theatres and other entertainment venues will all begin to welcome customers again.

    And on 21st June, for step four, the Government hopes that all legal limits on social contact will be removed. 

    This is when nightclubs are planned to reopen, and the Government wishes to lift restrictions on large events such as festivals. It is believed that testing could be used as a condition of entry.

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