When are the bin collections over Christmas and New Year in Milton Keynes?

    There will be a number of changes to bin collection days over the Christmas and New Year period in Milton Keynes.

    Residents are being asked to ensure they only put their rubbish out on their revised collection date.

    Christmas is now the only time that waste collections change across Milton Keynes.

    You can check what day your bins will be collected on the table below:

    Normal collection day   Revised collection day
    Monday 26.12.22      Wednesday 28.12.22
    Tuesday 27.12.22       Thursday 29.12.22
    Wednesday 28.12.22       Friday 30.12.22
    Thursday 29.12.22       Saturday 31.12.22
    Friday 30.12.22       Tuesday 03.01.23
    Monday 02.01.23       Wednesday 04.01.23
    Tuesday 03.01.23       Thursday 05.01.23
    Wednesday 04.01.23        Friday 06.01.23
    Thursday  05.01.23       Saturday 07.01.23
    Friday 06.01.23       Monday  09.01.23
    Monday 09.01.23       Tuesday 10.01.23
    Tuesday 10.01.23       Wednesday 11.01.23
    Wednesday  11.01.23        Thursday 12.01.23
    Thursday 12.01.23        Friday 13.01.23
    Friday 13.01.23        Saturday 14.01.23

    Normal collections resume Monday 16th January 2023.

    You can check what day your collections should be based on your area here.

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