What does Milton Keynes mean to you? Local Museum want YOUR help to create new exhibition

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    What does Milton Keynes mean to you? Your answers will help form part of an exciting new exhibition for the town.

    We Are Milton Keynes, Too is a substantial community-focused project which has been made possible thanks to support from Arts Council England/National Lottery Grant.

    It will provide a platform for everyone to explain and explore what Milton Keynes means to them.

    “The museum was started and is held in trust for the people of Milton Keynes - that is all the people. It should include your Milton Keynes, particularly if your story is not being told,” said museum director Bill Griffiths.

    “We Are Milton Keynes, Too is an exciting opportunity for residents to think about what the town represents to them. After all MK is the largest designed new town in the whole of Europe, and it has been shaped by the many communities that have moved here.

    “It might represent a new beginning, or a fresh start for an individual or a family. It might be the place that allowed dreams to be realised. It might be a celebration of one of our many green spaces, or perhaps a music venue. It could be a skate park, a supportive charity, a particular aspect of our history. There are no limits.”

    Perhaps you can sum up the place you call home with a particular artefact, a piece of artwork, a poem, a piece of drama, or in a song.

    Anyone can submit to the project; individuals, families, streets or schools, religious groups and community groups.

    Launching against the pandemic backdrop, the project will begin life online, using the website and associated social media channels before the personal reflections are gathered together to form a physical exhibition.

    These submissions will create a rich tapestry displaying the diversity that makes Milton Keynes unique.

    The museum already shares history through interactive galleries, a schools programme, exhibitions that are co-curated with community groups, and close to 300 dedicated volunteers.

    We Are Milton Keynes, Too exhibits will form part of the backbone of the museum's new gallery.

    “Some people think that museum's are about fossils and ancient history, and of course we stand for that, but we also want to shine a big light on life here now – after all, it is the history of tomorrow.

    “This isn't our exhibition, it is your exhibition and we want it to reflect as many aspects of Milton Keynes as possible,” Bill added.

    “Ultimately, we want We Are Milton Keynes, Too to provide a sense of place, creativity and ownership for everyone.”

    The physical exhibition is expected to launch in December and will run for 2-3 months.

    Submissions are welcome through the email address immediately. For more information or to contribute, email: wearemiltonkeynestoo@mkmuseum.org.uk.

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