Were car batteries to blame for the devastating Beanhill blaze?

    Rumours are circulating on the Beanhill Estate that the devastating fire affecting three houses this morning was caused by car batteries charging at one of the properties.

    One person, who did not want to be named, also suggested that the person charging the batteries was not registered as a resident at the property. 

    Officials from Milton Keynes Council visited the site early this morning and have placed council tenants in emergency accommodation. 

    One home owner whose property had been severely damaged by the fire and the amount of water used has had to make arrangements to stay with family members.

    It’s understood that some tenants had to be pulled out of their property. It was also reported that one gentleman had been going through chemotherapy and had to be rescued.

    Cllr Hannah O'Neill, Deputy Leader of Milton Keynes Council and Cabinet Member for Housing and Regeneration told MKFM: "We are doing everything possible to support the affected residents. The council has acted quickly to find alternative accommodation and we will continue to support our tenants. There’s a great community spirt in Beanhill and this has helped residents following todays fire."

    Firefighters were called to Marram Close in Beanhill at around 6am this morning.

    No injuries have been reported and an investigation is now taking place to find the cause.

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