Warner Bros crews spotted in Milton Keynes as Bletchley Park closes to the public for filming

    It is not known what is being filmed but Warner Bros film crews have been spotted by residents in Bletchley today.

    Warner Bros film crews have been spotted in Bletchley today, meaning scenes for an upcoming blockbuster could be being filmed right here in Milton Keynes.

    One eagle-eyed resident said he spotted Game of Thrones very own Jason Momoa.

    Earlier this week, Bletchley Park took to Facebook to say they were closing for filming, but would not disclose any clues.

    Their statement read: "Bletchley Park site will be closed to all visitors Wednesday 17 to Friday 19 November 2021 inclusive, due to filming. Due to the financial impact of COVID-19 on the Trust, the decision to close has been an economic one.

    "The closure is not being undertaken without considerable thought, but the filming presents the Trust with an unprecedented commercial opportunity."

    A huge Warner Bros lorry, cranes and crews have been spotted in the area suggesting something high budget could be being shot.

    This wouldn't be the first time something big has been filmed in Bletchley- thriller film, Enigma, from 2001, was filmed at the famous Bletchley Park along with the Imitation Game.

    Some residents have said they received letters warning them of the filming. The letters tell them that they are filming for 'Pennyworth'.

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