VIDEO: Milton Keynes resident claims to find MAGGOTS inside Co-Op ready meal

    A Milton Keynes resident has claimed to have found MAGGOTS in his Co-Op Ready Meal, which he says he purchased from the supermarket chain's Grange Farm outlet yesterday evening.

    Jason Pinnock from Milton Keynes shared the footage with MKFM which appears to show the maggots inside his newly purchased Beef Lasagne ready meal.

    The video shows a number of maggots inside the meal, which are alive and moving around the plastic container with the food inside.

    The Co-Op have responded to Mr Pinnock privately to say they will be investigating the matter in full, using the barcode of the item.

    In addition, the supermarket chain have also offered to arrange a 'gesture' to show their apologies.

    Jason told MKFM: "I bought the ready meal yesterday from my local Co-Op in Grange Farm in Milton Keynes. I wanted a quick meal as I was quote rushed for time. Safe to say it is the first and last time I will be buying a ready microwave meal."

    "I saw the first maggot on the packaging sheet, and I was confused as to where it had come from. I stopped the microwave after 90 seconds of cooking to discover a further three more squirming to their death due to the heat. I've complained direct to them on their Facebook and Twitter."

    And further investigation by MKFM has revealed that this is not the first time maggots have been reported in Co-Op food.

    Plymouth Live reports that a man previously found live maggots inside a packet of meat at a Co-Op outlet in Plymouth.

    The maggots appeared to be inside a gammon steak dual pack, with the footage appearing to show them moving.

    He told the Plymouth Live news website: "After spotting the maggots I didn't want to touch the packet of meat so I picked up the box containing the bad one and handed it to a member of staff."

    "I said seriously, this has live maggots all over it. She said 'oh dear', and was very apologetic and kept saying sorry."

    "She took the box out to the back room and that was it."

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