Video emerges of Milton Keynes man who allegedly spoke to 'decoy' underage girl online

    A video has emerged online of a man from Milton Keynes being confronted for allegedly speaking inappropriately and sending indecent images to what he believed was an underage child online.

    The video, which was posted on YouTube by user Bal Kandola, shows two men and a woman confronting the man in Milton Keynes and reading aloud what they claim to be a series of messages the man had sent online.

    During the 45 minute video, the man is named and does not appear to deny the allegations made by the video creators. He is also wearing a uniform of a retail store in the city.

    The people filming the video say that they set up the online account pretending to be a 13 year old child in order to catch people who they believe are paedophiles. 

    The tactics used during the video have been questioned by some internet users, since the account did not belong to a real child but was instead a 'decoy' set up by members of the public.

    Police arrived at the scene 40 minutes in to the video and spoke to the man away from the video cameras.

    The full video is below, from YouTube account Bal Kandola:

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