VIDEO: At least 14 caravans have parked up on H8 Standing Way between Bletchley and Emerson Valley

    An illegal encampment of at least 14 caravans and other vehicles has appeared on the H8 Standing Way in Milton Keynes, between Emerson Valley and Bletchley.

    The caravans and vehicles can clearly be seen when driving along the main road, with many residents reacting on social media.

    Council officials have said they are aware of the encampment and have begun the eviction process.

    It is understood that originally a smaller number of caravans were present earlier this week, before more appeared yesterday and today.

    There have been mixed reactions on the Council's social media pages to the arrival.

    One resident said: "I fully understand the issue but cannot imagine a solution! It is a nation wide issue! Surely the only real answer would be purpose built caravan parks, with hard standing and a reasonable site fee per night!"

    But many have been arguing for a permanent solution: "You keep evicting them for them to move less than a mile away. This really has been going on for far too long. You need to sort out a permanent solution!"

    It is not yet known how long the caravans are allowed to remain following the commencement of the eviction process earlier this week.

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