UPDATE: Where can I get free lateral flow tests in Milton Keynes?

    People are still being encouraged to use lateral flow tests regularly, even if they do not have COVID-19 symptoms.

    Lateral flow tests involve a swab in the nose or mouth, with the user able to get the result at home within thirty minutes - all without sending it away.

    They were introduced earlier this year to drive down transmission rates, as around one in three people that have COVID-19 do not have symptoms and could unknowingly be spreading the virus. 

    But where can we get lateral flow tests in Milton Keynes?


    Most pharmacies in Milton Keynes will have a supply of lateral flow tests which they can give out to people. There should be a poster or sign in the pharmacy stating that they stock the tests, but you can also ask a staff member. 

    They will supply the lateral flow tests in packs of seven - which is effectively a week's supply. Most people tend to pick up one to two boxes per trip. 

    GP surgeries

    Your GP surgery might also have packs of lateral flow tests for patients to take home. Ask the receptionist if they have any. 

    MK Central Library 

    MK Central Library has been used as a rapid asymptomatic test centre during the pandemic. It has now reopened as a library but people can still use it to pick up lateral flow tests. 

    There is no need to book or show ID, you can simply show up at the library and request the tests. They will then be given to you to administer at home, complete with the necessary instructions. 


    More and more workplaces across Milton Keynes are offering lateral flow tests to workers, particularly industries that require employees to work on-site during the pandemic. 

    Milton Keynes Council had previously called on businesses to launch this free service, and hundreds of businesses across the city are taking part.

    You should check with your workplace to see if they are offering lateral flow tests to employees.

    Order them at home

    This is one of the most convenient ways to access lateral flow tests as they are delivered to your door.

    A pack of tests contains 7 tests, and you can order one pack per household each day.

    The process of ordering takes around five minutes but you can also create an account which makes it quicker in the future. 

    To order lateral flow tests please click here


    Schools across Milton Keynes are also testing students and staff. Secondary school pupils have been required to do regular testing and some schools have on-site testing centres. 

    Lateral flow tests are meant for people without COVID-19 symptoms. 

    Anyone showing COVID symptoms such as a high temperature, a new continuous cough, or a loss or change of smell or taste should book a PCR test online or by calling 119.

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