UK's first dedicated SafeSpace, body positive pool party at the Woburn Lido

    BodPos are creating an environment where people feel comfortable, relaxed and confident enough to don their swimwear this summer and just have a fabulous time. 

    The BodPos first ever SafeSpace Pool Party is coming to Woburn Lido on August 18th.

    All profits are going to the BullyingUK Charity (charity number: 1077722)

    BodPos says, "The body positive movement has been around in the UK for a few years now. Several body positive, plus size club nights are held monthly in the capital and last year we saw the introduction of plus size, body positive weekend mini-breaks. 
    "A dedicated body positive pool party has not yet been organized before in the UK and we are combining this with the ‘SafeSpace’ philosophy. A philosophy that emphasis being able to be confident in who you are without fear of prejudice.  
    "We have teamed up with the charity BullyingUK; as our event organisers have at one point or another been the victim of bullying due to nothing more then the way they look. 
    "We are encouraging as many people as possible to visit the website at in the hopes that we can create more awareness of the body positive, SafeSpace pool party and in turn generate a bigger donation to BullyingUK.
    We also want to thank the staff at the Woburn Lido for allowing us to hold our charity event at their venue."

    You can find out more about the party on our events pages.

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