Two more days for Milton Keynes residents to apply for free voter ID

    With only two days left, residents in Milton Keynes are being reminded to apply for free voter ID before the deadline of 5pm on Wednesday 26 June.

    For the first time at a general election, voters will need to bring photographic ID to receive a ballot paper at a polling station. The Electoral Commission is calling on anyone who needs it to apply now.

    Over 38,000 people have applied for a Voter Authority Certificate since the general election was called on 22 May.

    Commission research shows that people who are unemployed, people with disabilities, and people from lower socio-economic backgrounds are least likely to have an accepted form of ID, and should therefore apply for the free voter ID. A free ID, the Voter Authority Certificate, is available for those who do not have another form accepted of ID, but there is just two days left to apply.

    There is a long list of accepted forms of ID, but anyone that doesn’t have one is still able to take part by applying for the free ID.

    Applications for the free ID can be submitted online at , or by completing a paper form and sending this to their local council’s electoral services team.

    Voters will need to provide a photo, their full name, date of birth, the address at which they are registered to vote and their National Insurance number. Applicants must already be registered to vote before applying.

    Voters with questions about applying for the free ID should contact Milton Keynes City Council.

    More information about the ID requirements – can be found on the Electoral Commission website

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