Two men sentenced in connection with a one-punch manslaughter investigation in Milton Keynes

    Ahmed Dahir and Ali Dahir

    Following an investigation by Thames Valley Police, two men have been sentenced in connection with a one-punch manslaughter investigation in Milton Keynes.

    At a hearing at Luton Crown Court today (5/12), Ali Dahir, aged 35, of Linton Road, Barking, was sentenced to seven years and six months’ imprisonment.

    Ali Dahir’s brother, Ahmed Dahir, aged 34, of Porthleven Place, Milton Keynes, was sentenced to three years’ imprisonment.

    Following a trial earlier this year, a jury found Ali Dahir guilty of one count of manslaughter.

    Meanwhile, the jury found Ahmed Dahir guilty of one count of assisting an offender and one count of perverting the course of justice.

    Ali Dahir punched Abdifatah Ali Wadad Abdillahi, in Towan Avenue, Fishermead, at about 12.40am on 11 July last year.

    According to accounts, Ali Dahir started a verbal argument with Abdifatah inside the flat, but during the evening they reconciled their differences.

    Ali Dahir and Abdifatah left the flat together to go to the shops. Once outside, Ali Dahir delivered a heavy punch to Abdifatah, which landed on the right side of his upper neck. This punch ruptured Abdifatah’s right intracranial artery, which would have caused his almost immediate collapse.

    Abdifatah, who was aged 35 and from Milton Keynes, was treated at hospital, but sadly he was later pronounced deceased.

    Senior Investigating Officer, Detective Chief Inspector Nicola Underhill of the Thames Valley Police Major Crime Unit, said: “No sentence will bring back Abdifatah Ali Wadad Abdillahi, however Ali and Ahmed Dahir have now been convicted and sentenced in relation to Abdifatah’s death.

    “Our thoughts remain with Abdifatah’s family and friends, who have shown such dignity throughout the investigation and trial.

    “This case demonstrates the danger that one punch can do. Be in no doubt that one punch can kill someone, even if that is not your intention. Please think before you act.”

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