Transport police checking Milton Keynes station is only being used by essential travellers

    British Transport Police (BTP) are routinley patrolling the area to make sure that people at local train stations are only travelling for essential journeys.

    As well as currently being in the midst of the third national lockdown, Milton Keynes has just been hit with a sudden wave of snowfall this morning – meaning travelling around the area is more dangerous than usual.

    LIVE UPDATES: Snow in Milton Keynes - latest weather and travel news updates

    Due to the Met Office’s yellow weather warning last night (23/01), police have issued multiple travel warnings, especially to those driving in icy conditions.

    Members of the public also planning to travel via train could potentially be approached by police officers and asked to explain the purpose of their journey as they are only currently allowing essential travellers to pass.

    On their Twitter account, BTP Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire posted: “[British Transport Police Milton Keynes] are out and about and we’ll be checking stations on our patch.

    “If you are travelling make sure your journey is essential and remember: hands, face, space.”

    If your journey is not deemed essential and you have no good reason to leave your home, police have the power to fine you up to £200 on your first offence. However, this amount will double for each further offence up to a maximum of £6,400.  

    To see the government's official travel advice, please click here.

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