Milton Keynes MPs make a joint statement on knife crime in MK

    "The recent rise in serious violence in Milton Keynes and across the UK is painting a worrying picture. ''

    “Despite being a new town, over the past fifty years we have built up strong communities across the borough. But the rise in serious crime poses a real threat to MK's thriving and cohesive communities, particular our young people. Gang culture, knives and violence can ruin futures for victims and attackers.

    “Our message is clear, knife crime and gang culture is not welcome in Milton Keynes. We don't need to follow the national trend. Young people don't need to die or spend their lives in jail.

    “We are confident the police are taking action now. But we will be meeting with the Police and Crime Commissioner and local Police Commander over the summer to look at how better we can work with schools and community groups to show young people they don't need to go down the path that will inevitably lead to a desperately sad ending."


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