This Milton Keynes animal sanctuary is applying SUN CREAM to its PIGS

    A Milton Keynes Animal Sanctuary has been forced to apply sun cream to its pigs, as record temperatures this week made protecting their skin essential.

    Staff at the Curly Tail Pig Sanctuary in Newton Longville have been protecting the animals by applying factor 50 sun cream to their skin over the past few weeks.

    Owners at the site claim that pigs are just as vulnerable to burning and blistering as humans, especially as temperatures in Milton Keynes reach new heights.

    Jane Scott, owner of The Curly Tail Pig Sanctuary, told The Express: "Their skin is sensitive especially the ones with whiter skin."

    "So the pigs do end up burning. It is just the same as you wouldn't think about sending your kids out with no suncream on."

    "Their skin is sensitive. The younger pigs are like typical teenagers and they haven't learnt to hide themselves in the shade."

    "The older ones are a bit wiser and go into the shade but the younger ones don't realise the damage they are doing to themselves."

    "Some times I do end up chasing them around trying to make sure they are alright in the heat but it depends what day you catch them on."

    The pig sanctuary in Milton Keynes currently has a number of private tour options and educational opportunities for autistic children and adults to spend the day with the pigs.

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