This is what the Milton Keynes YMCA building is set to be transformed into

    The Milton Keynes YMCA has completed a legal agreement which will see a major redevelopment of their building in the City Centre taking place.

    Their current site is on Saxon Gate in the City Centre and the charity has been working in Milton Keynes since 1980.

    And now the site is set to be redeveloped into 199 new homes for young people in need of housing.

    In addition to the homes, there will also be shops, a café, meetingr rooms, training rooms and a nursery coming to Central Milton Keynes.

    CEO of the MK YMCA Simon Green said: "I am absolutely delighted to announce that today we completed on the legal agreement that guarantees the redevelopment of our site."

    The work is set to be completed by September 2019, when the new building will become usable by the charity.

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