These are the 11 schools in Milton Keynes that haven't had an Ofsted inspection for SEVEN YEARS

    An MKFM investigation has revealed that eleven schools in Milton Keynes who are currently rated as Outstanding by Ofsted have not been inspected by the regulator for over seven years.

    The findings mean that parents using Ofsted data to determine which school is best for their child could be using data based on the results of inspections from well before their child was even born.

    Government guidelines currently state that some schools judged as 'outstanding' are exempt from 'routine inspection'.

    But they claim that Ofsted can inspect them if Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector or the Secretary of State for Education has concerns about their performance.

    These are the 11 schools in Milton Keynes that haven't seen an inspector in over SEVEN YEARS:

    1. Olney Infant Academy (Last Inspected 15th October 2008)

    2. Priory Common School (Last Inspected 12th February 2009)

    3. St Thomas Aquinas Catholic Primary School (Last Inspected 24th March 2009)

    4. Denbigh School (Last Inspected 15th May 2009)

    5. Ashbrook School (Last Inspected 12th June 2009)

    6. Two Mile Ash School (Last Inspected 2nd July 2009)

    7. Newton Blossomville Church Of England School (Last Inspected 13th October 2009)

    8. St Mary and St Giles Church of England School (Last Inspected 9th December 2009)

    9. Shepherdswell Academy (Last Inspected 8th July 2010)

    10. Haversham Village School (Last Inspected 1st October 2010)

    11. Loughton Manor First School (Last Inspected 2nd December 2010)

    Guidelines add that a school judged 'good' at its most recent inspection will receive a one-day short inspection, approximately every 3 years, as long as the quality of education remains good.

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