The top 10 most-expensive household appliances to run, according to new research

    Boiler Central have revealed the 10 most expensive appliances to run in your home, amid soaring prices.

    Last week it was announced that millions of households across the UK will see their energy bills rocket. It comes as the price cap is set to be hiked to £3,549 a year.

    Announced by regulator Ofgem, the 80% increase taking place in October is set to see the average default customer paying around £1,578 extra.

    Boiler Central has now released its research into the top 10 most expensive household items along with a top tip of how to work out how much a device might be costing you.

    Cost = power (kilowatt) x cost of one kWh (pence) x the length of time (how much is it used?)

    Washing machine numbers are based on a family of 4.

    Kettle is based on 15 minutes per day.

    Microwave is based on 10 minutes per day.

    Ofgem chief executive Jonathan Brearley told Sky News: "I talk to customers all the time and I know for many, many people this will be devastating news.

    "After COVID last year, we saw lots of economies grow, particularly Asia, and that already put pressure on the gas market. And as we saw, prices begin to spike in around September of last year.

    "Now, this year over and above that, we have seen a slow and deliberate cut off of gas by Russia to the European market. And that has made prices spike much, much further.

    "When I look at the prices for winter now for buying the gas, they are 15 times what they normally are. If that were to happen in petrol, that would mean it would cost £400 to £500 to fill our car.

    "So ultimately, the cost of energy is changing dramatically. And that's why the price cap needs to change. And that's why we are announcing the incredibly difficult news that it's going up to £3,549."

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