The Saxon Clinic in Milton Keynes launches gift list website to help Ukraine hospitals 

    A new gift list style website has been launched by The Saxon Clinic to match UK donations with a list of urgent supplies requested by a group of Ukraine hospitals on the frontline of war.

    Anyone can select any number of medical items to donate through the website. These goods will then be packaged, dispatched and delivered by Circle Health Group, the hospital’s owner, working with their logistics partners at their Enfield warehouse. 

    Items include vital kit for treating sick and wounded patients, including ventilators, crutches, walking frames, respiratory masks, scrubs, bandages and wound kits. 

    The Saxon Clinic and Circle Health Group, began delivering urgent medical goods to a group of hospitals in Ukraine shortly after the war broke out in collaboration with the Ukrainian doctors’ union and the British Red Cross.

    Around 200 tonnes have already been directly delivered to the doors of five hospitals in the North, South, East and West Ukraine. Upon receipt of the urgent supplies, the hospitals distribute a portion to local community hospitals in a hub and spoke model.  

    The gift list website was launched in response to requests from patients and members of the public across Circle’s network of 53 hospitals in the UK, for a mechanism by which individuals could help to support Saxon Clinic’s and Circle’s mission in Ukraine. 

    A team of volunteer hauliers from the UK, Poland and Ukraine have made the journey on a weekly basis since the 15th March to deliver the urgent supplies, navigating their way through areas of conflict to reach the hospitals in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Mykolaiv, Odessa and Lviv.  

    Donations to the hospital gift list from UK supporters will enable these deliveries to continue as long as they are required, providing a vital lifeline to Ukrainian clinicians caring for the sick and injured in desperate circumstances. 

    One hospital Medical Director said: "I would like to thank everyone at The Saxon Clinic and Circle Health Group for the invaluable support you have provided. We are sure that all the medical aid will help in the treatment of our patients during this terrible period.

    "The support of people from Great Britain is now very valuable for Ukrainians. We will always remember this."

    Approximately £2m worth of medical supplies and funds have been donated by Circle Health Group hospitals, staff and suppliers to date. 

    Paolo Pieri, CEO of Circle Health Group, said: "War can fade from the headlines quickly, but the reality for doctors and nurses and their patients in hospitals across Ukraine remains desperate.

    "Urgent supplies are running short and months of war is taking a heavy toll on morale. As a fellow European hospital operator, we feel a moral obligation to help. We know the British public have taken the plight of Ukraine to heart, and we are appealing to them to help us make sure these hospitals have the kit and supplies they need."

    You can find out more here.

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