The Parks Trust work on protecting flood-prone nature reserve in Milton Keynes

    The Parks Trust have been working on the Floodplain Forest Nature Reserve in the Ouse Valley after flooding left the footpath destroyed.

    Last Christmas, there was heavy flooding in Ouse Valley Park and the surrounding areas which led to a river bank to collapse (pictured below).

    The collapse resulted in the loss of a footpath, so The Parks Trust team had to quickly put a diversion in place so that visitors could still enjoy their Boxing Day walks.

    Over the summer, The Parks Trust team used recycled materials to create a brand new pathway to improve access for visitors.

    Because of the canal aqueduct being so close to the footpath, operation teams at The Parks Trust have also been working on protecting the river bank from erosion.

    To do this they have been pollarding nearby Willow trees which in turn has opened up views across the Floodplain Forest.

    The pollarded tree branches have been used to create approximately 90 bundles which are roughly 2 to 3 metres long and 1 metre in width.


    river bank

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