The Parks Trust urge all Milton Keynes residents to help stop littering

    The Parks Trust is trying to warn all members of the public about the dangers that litter can pose to the local wildlife.

    The Parks Trust is a local independent charity that cares for over 6,000 acres of Milton Keynes parks, woodlands and lakes. Recently, they have noticed a surge in littering which is causing a vast array of problems for the local wildlife. 

    On their website, the Park Trust gave some more information about what locals can do to help fight littering and preserve nature. They posted: "Our parkland is the perfect place to meet friends and family and picnics are often popular pass times but we must stress the need to take home the litter you bring into our parks.

    "We do have some strategically placed bins located around our parks, and our team work hard to make sure these are frequently emptied but if the bin is full please don’t leave your bag next to the bin, take it home."

    In May 2020 alone, ten investigations of littering were carried out and multiple fixed penalties were handed out. Locals can be liable for up to £400 in fines for dumping rubbish. 

    Speaking about the risk all the rubbish left behind by locals poses to animals, they added: "Leaving rubbish next to or trying to force rubbish into an already overflowing bin seriously effects wildlife.

    "Discarded rubbish blows around our parks and gets into the path of wildlife causing a whole host of issues. Small mammals, like shrews, often climb inside discarded bottles where they become trapped and die, hedgehogs (a declining species in the UK) are often victims of litter.

    "They become caught up in items like plastic multi-pack rings and plastic carrier bags, often with fatal results. It is not just land mammals that are suffering, waterfowl such as swans and geese can swallow plastic which accumulates in their stomach and eventually kills them. So please act responsibly and take your litter home."

    As the Parks Trust is a self-financing charity, it means that they do not receive any funding from local or central government. Any costs of cleaning up litter comes directly from their pocket, not the taxpayers. 

    If you witness any littering in public, you can report the problem directly to the council by clicking here

    READ MORE: Council concerning more on the spot fines for littering in Milton Keynes

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