The list of incidents from the past 24 hours in Milton Keynes which Police are investigating right now

    Police in Milton Keynes have released their '24 Hours Policing MK' overview for yesterday.

    The daily management meeting was chaired by LPA Commander Superintendent Marc Tarbit this morning and is an opportunity to review and discuss notable incidents from the last 24 hours across Milton Keynes.

    The new incidents from the past 24 hours in Milton Keynes currently being investigated are:

    1 report of a residential burglary - Chervil, Milton Keynes- with the Priority Crime Team (PCT) for investigation.

    2 robbery offences reported- Ramsons Avenue & Sheelin Grove, Milton Keynes - with the Priority Crime Team (PCT) for investigation.

    22 domestic crimes and incidents reviewed for investigation (ranging from non crime incidents to allegations of rape, assaults, criminal damage, coercive control and stalking).

    2 reports of sexual offences/rape - investigations with CID.

    5 reports of race/hate crime (public order & malicious communications).

    3 reports of violent crime-actual bodily harm (ABH) - investigations ongoing and a number of suspects are held in custody at this time.

    Early turn officers also have started their shift with:

    5 missing person investigations- enquiries are ongoing to locate them safe and well.

    5 custody handovers - detainees are held on suspicion of offences ranging from domestic assaults, possession of a firearm, theft of a motor vehicle, obstruct police - ongoing investigations.

    2 unauthorised encampments - ongoing management by partnership work between Milton Keynes Council and neighbourhood teams.

    3 reports for non compliance of Covid related matters.

    There are also 36 open jobs for attendance and 18 new reported crimes for the Smarter Resolution Team to follow up with victims today.

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