The five ways to shop safely you will need to know if you are heading to intu Milton Keynes

    Since reopening for non-essential shopping on Monday 15 June, intu Milton Keynes has shared five useful tips to help people plan their journey and remain safe as they begin to return to their favourite brands.

    1. Plan your visit before setting off

    intu Milton Keynes has adapted its opening hours to support the safe reopening of the centre. Whilst many brands have reopened on 15 June, some have also adjusted their opening hours or delayed their openings to put the right safety measures in place, so checking directly with the store before making the journey is recommended.

    You can find the centre opening times and more information on your favourite brands at

    1. Shop at off-peak times

    The number of people in the centre is being continuously monitored and queuing systems will be in place if the centre reaches capacity. Visitors can still very much expect the usual, warm intu welcome, but it’s important to monitor capacity very carefully and stay within the recommended limits so that people can socially distance once inside. The centre is likely to be quieter outside of the lunchtime period, such as earlier in the morning or later in the afternoon. 

    1. Go contactless

    Paying for parking or your shopping via your contactless card will avoid unnecessary contact. Selected retailers may not be accepting cash in-store, so checking with a member of staff as you enter the store or when you’re planning a visit is advised.

    1. Do your part

    Social distancing is essential, and a range of additional measures have been introduced at intu Milton Keynes to keep everyone who visits or works there safe. New safety measures include keeping two metres apart at all times, using the hand sanitisation units and following the marked routes and one-way systems. By doing your part, you’re helping to keep yourself and others safe in the centre.

    1. Enjoy yourself

    This is a new way of shopping that everyone is still getting used to, but intu Milton Keynes and the stores in the centre are doing everything they can to make that experience both safe and enjoyable. Being patient and kind to others will help everyone have the best shopping trip possible at intu Milton Keynes.

    For more information on the new safety measures at intu Milton Keynes, visit

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