Thames Valley Police REFUSE to say how many officers they have sent to Trump protests

    Thames Valley Police have refused to say how many officers they have sent to assist with Donald Trump protests which have been taking place in London over the past few days.

    It's despite other forces across the country making public the number of officers they have contributed to the massive policing effort.

    Humberside Police told local news site Hull Live that they would be sending 85 officers to the capital, whilst West Midlands Police told Birmingham Live they would be sending 400 officers.

    However, Thames Valley Police have told MKFM they are unable to give out officer numbers due to "operational reasons".

    Mr Trump's visit to the UK has seen the largest Police operation in London taking place since the riots back in 2011.

    Sites which have had to be protected by officers include Windsor Castle and Blenheim Palace.

    Mass protests against the visit also require significant numbers of Police officers, as thousands of people join events which have been in the planning ever since the President's visit was announced.

    Yesterday, Thames Valley Police urged the public only to call 999 in a genuine emergency, due to a large spike in the number of calls recently.

    They have also said that "people might have to wait longer" when calling the non-emergency number 101 due to the large volumes of callers.

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