Thames Valley Police explains how officers are working to combat knife crime and serious violence in Milton Keynes

    As has been the case across England and Wales, knife crime and serious violence have increased over the past few years and the same trend has been seen in Milton Keynes.

    In the last 12 months in Milton Keynes, the rate of the increase in knife crime has slowed to 0.5% but we have tragically seen three murders in this time.

    Generally, violent incidents tend to involve young men aged 16-24 and are often related to drugs.

    And just yesterday, officers attended the scene of a public order offence, involving a group of about six males in an altercation with weapons in Midsummer Arcade.

    One man has since been arrested following the incident, and police have extended a rare stop and search order in parts of the city centre. 

    Police say that they know from local communities that the number of local violent incidents is growing, and that people want to see action taken against those who carry out these sorts of crimes.

    Superintendent Marc Tarbit, Commander for Milton Keynes police area, said: “Everyone should feel safe in Milton Keynes. People living and working in our communities have a right to feel secure, and we will continue to make tackling serious violence a priority.

    “The ripples of serious violence and knife crime are far reaching; it effects the victims, their families, and our communities. We have seen too many of our residents affected by these crimes and we want to stop others from going through this trauma and heartache.

    “Officers across Milton Keynes are sharing intelligence, exploring positive pathways and co-ordinating enforcement activity to make the biggest impact in tackling serious violence. From engagement with children at risk of becoming involved in serious violence up to the long-term pursuit and investigation of organised criminals, we have officers and teams who are ready to intervene and disrupt individuals at whatever stage they come into contact with the police.

    “I am pleased with the results of this activity, for example in the last 12 months six people from organised criminal groups have been sentenced to more than 22 years’ imprisonment. Another 11 people who we believe to be involved in similar groups are awaiting trial or sentence, but I know that more needs to be done.

    “We have close relationships with our partners to align the work that we do and share intelligence to offer the best support that we can to these individuals or to inform our enforcement activity. We are also building our relationships and networks with local organisations in Milton Keynes who can offer a different perspective and approach than we can as the police and we are keen to hear from any who would like to help.

     “We all have a role to play to make a long-term change to violence in Milton Keynes and I welcome our local communities to join us in this endeavour. Whether you’re a community leader, employed in a local business or whether it’s just you in your home, there are ways that you can support this combined effort.”

    Those who have a crime to report can do so by calling 101, or by reporting it online. In an emergency call 999.

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