Thames Valley Air Ambulance sets a challenge for Scouts in Buckinghamshire

    At a time when many parents and leaders of community groups are keen to find new ideas to keep children entertained and engaged, Thames Valley Air Ambulance is proud to launch a new children’s Challenge Badge.

    To earn the badge, children must complete a brand-new Challenge Pack, which has been developed with the help of Buckinghamshire Scouts and is primarily aimed at children in the Beavers (boys and girls aged 6-8)  and Cubs (boys and girls aged 8-10) .

    The Challenge Pack contains a series of activities across four sections: flight, fundraising, medical and accident prevention. From making paper airplanes to learning the phonetic alphabet and designing posters, the pack offers a range of immersive ideas to help children learn about the work of Thames Valley Air Ambulance while having fun and picking up some new skills.

    Once children have completed the activity pack, their group leader can claim Challenge Badges online for the children to wear with pride.

    Ruth Dunkin, Head of Community and Events at Thames Valley Air Ambulance, said:

    “Many local groups are unable to meet in person right now due to Covid restrictions, so having this goal to work towards is a great way of keeping children interested and motivated. What’s more, our Challenge Pack is a fantastic way of teaching a new generation about the life-saving work of Thames Valley Air Ambulance.”

    Tessa Ingram, Lead Volunteer for Beaver Scouts in Buckinghamshire said, „Scouts helps children gain in confidence, develop and learn skills for life. Whilst working towards the Challenge badge they will find out about making an emergency call, when to call for help and some basic first aid. We are really excited about the relationship with Thames Valley Air Ambulance and we know many children will have lots of fun in achieving the challenge.“

    To sign up and receive your free Challenge Pack, visit

    To find out more or to support Thames Valley Air Ambulance, visit or call 0300 999 0135

    To find out more about Buckinghamshire Scouts, please visit

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