Tesla to open new Sales and Service site in Milton Keynes

    Tesla has now confirmed it expects to open a brand new Sales and Service site on Merton Drive on Redmoor next month.

    Customers will be able to buy, test drive, service and charge their Tesla products from one place.

    This will be Tesla's third site in the new age city, alongside a Sales location in Midsummers Place and a Service Centre on Northfield Drive.

    This move was taken in response to the ever-growing demand for electric vehicles and sustainable infrastructure in the UK.

    Communities in Milton Keynes can expect to see further investments in the local economy and community as part of its mission to accelerate the UK's transition to sustainable energy. This includes 12 new Superchargers which will be open to all electric vehicles, regardless of manufacturer and can charge up to 250kWh. 

    This opening comes just a few weeks after Tesla's Upgraded Model 3 hit UK roads for the first time. 

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