tesa celebrates a decade supporting the local community

    tesa UK, headquartered in Milton Keynes, is giving back to the community by supporting a local school which caters for children and young people on the autistic spectrum

    The company has had a relationship with The Walnuts School in Hazeley, Milton Keynes, for over 10 years as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility programme. During this time, tesa has provided a soft-play room, computing equipment, life and office skills equipment plus a large donation towards a school minibus.a

    They have also provided workplace experience for members of the school's 6th form, where students work in tesa's packing and separation department one morning a week. Engaging within a working environment student's personal and social skills have been developed along with a  variety of work place skills. These skills have successfully enabled students with skills and the confidence to move on from school and take on paid employment.

    This year, the 6th form students took on a project to decorate one of the classrooms they use at their Post 16 base. The learning objective was providing a new vocational skill opportunity that would count towards an OCR Life and Living qualification tailored to individual skills.

    tesa's professional Painting & Decorating trainer, Jason Ebers from Faux Creation, supervised the pupils, getting everyone involved from the beginning. A detailed plan was devised by the working party that included identifying a list of equipment and resources required, which were purchased by tesa from Brewers in Bletchley.

    The redecoration included preparing the room, washing and cleaning areas, covering up floors and tables and taping areas that needed protection from dust and paint spill. Once this task was completed, the students donned overalls to tackle the rather messy and dusty job of sanding down, repairing and filling holes and other areas.

    The students enjoyed a demonstration from tesa's professionals on how to paint a ceiling, applying two coats to the whole area and completing the task before lunch.    Next stage was to paint the walls, and Jason demonstrated how to load a paint roller and use it with minimal spray as well as how to use a paintbrush to paint in corners and around areas.  The students really enjoyed this part of the project, applying two coats quickly and efficiently.

    In the final stages of the project, all the surfaces were prepared for priming, involving a large amount of tesa Professional® Masking Tape and a steady hand. All the pupils took part in painting the prepared areas with primer including skirtings, doors and window boards.

    The students took ownership of the final stages, completing a snagging list and successfully problem solved the clear up operation. Removing all tape and plastics and replacing the furniture ready for Jason's final inspection.

    Jason Ebers was very impressed with the results. Reflecting on the project, he said "I was overwhelmed by the experience of working with all the students and especially their focus and attention to detail, dedication and commitment to their work

    The Walnuts School received great support from the local Brewers store in Bletchley, who offered discount on the equipment required and also hosted the pupils on a number of visits to the branch, where Store Manager, Karen Larr and Rachelle Robertson took time to explain the paint mixing process and other aspects of selecting the right materials.

    The support from tesa and Brewers has made a big impression on the students and staff at the Post 16 department.  Post 16 Lead Della Wheal commented "We have enjoyed a very successful relationship with tesa for some 10 years now.  They have offered our students the opportunity to gain real-life skills in a safe, purposeful working environment. Developing and consolidating learnt skills along with problem solving and interaction opportunities.

    This vocational skill project has provided everyone involved with an unforgettable experience from which everyone has learnt a great deal. The Walnuts school is very appreciative of our working relationship with tesa uk and has enjoyed developing this new chapter of our partnership.

    This year tesa is enjoying another celebration, with its relationship as a supplier to Brewers extending to 10 years. Greg Perkins, key account manager for Craftsmen, said "We have surpassed our expectations in expanding the reach and brand exposure for tesa's Professional range of masking tapes through over 150 of the Brewers stores."

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