Teenager jailed after chasing people with a knife through 'busy' shopping centre in Milton Keynes

    A man has been sentenced to one year and three months’ imprisonment after he was convicted of affray and possession of a knife blade in a public place in Milton Keynes.

    Morgan Smith, aged 18, of Santen Grove, Bletchley, was also convicted of possession of a drug of class B (cannabis) after he pleaded guilty to all three offences in a hearing at Aylesbury Crown Court on Friday (27/11).

    At approximately 12.40pm on Wednesday 29 July, Smith was visiting the shopping centre in Central Milton Keynes when he encountered two other people.

    Smith retrieved a knife from his trousers and chased the two people through the busy shopping centre.

    Smith was arrested the same day and charged the following day.

    Investigating officer PC Steph Craig of the Milton Keynes Stronghold team, said: “This incident caused great alarm in a busy shopping centre and the police response and subsequent court outcome in this case is a prime example of what knife crime offenders can expect to face and is a reflection of our commitment to preventing and tackling knife crime.

    “This took place without hesitation in broad daylight in a busy shopping centre, and it caused distress to members of the public, including families with young children.

    “Some staff pulled their shop shutters down in order to protect their customers, although thankfully, there were no physical injuries.

    “However, despite that, we must not downplay the seriousness of this case.

    “Those that feel they are entitled to carry and use weapons in a public place can expect a robust police response.

    “This investigation was conducted as part of Thames Valley Police’s ongoing Stronghold campaign which is focused on the prevention and disruption of serious and violent crime.

    “A multi-department and multi-agency approach played a key role in bringing Smith to justice, and he will now serve time in prison as a result of his actions.”

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