Suhaib Mohammed murder documentary to air tonight

    The film entitled ‘Catching a Killer – A Bullet Through the Window’, details the investigation into the murder of 19-year-old Suhaib Mohammed, who was shot in Milton Keynes in September, 2016.

    Thames Valley Police’s Major Crime Unit will feature in the documentary which will be broadcast tonight at 9pm on Channel 4.

    It features the team, led by senior investigating officer Detective Chief Inspector Mike Lynch, as they begin work on solving the murder.

    Suhaib was at a property in Osprey Close when two men, Mohamed Noor and Albert Prempeh, approached the property at around 5am.

    Noor pointed a gun through an open window and pulled the trigger multiple times. One of the shots discharged and the bullet hit Suhaib in the armpit.

    This caused serious injuries from which he later died in hospital, and a murder investigation was launched.

    This investigation, DCI Lynch’s last before his retirement, was documented by a film crew from the True Vision production company.

    Audiences will be able to hear the initial 999 call received on the morning of the shooting, and will see the work which went into the investigation.

    They will see the challenges faced by officers, and the obstacles they overcame in their interrogations of both Noor and Prempeh.

    DCI Lynch said: “What happened to Suhaib shows that people can reach a point in their lives where they have a choice of which path to take.

    “This case shows what the consequences can be when you choose the wrong path.”

    The film is the third instalment in the Catching a Killer series, which has previously documented the Thames Valley Police investigations into the murders of Natalie Hemming and Adrian Greenwood.

    DCI Lynch said: “The documentary shows the work which goes into a Major Crime investigation, and the hours spent looking at evidence and talking to suspects.

    “It also shows the complications which come with dealing with suspects who are trying to convince you of a certain course of events. It was our job to see past what we were being told and find out the truth about Suhaib’s death.

    “I think that the commitment and professionalism of the officers involved really comes across.”

    The crew had access to the Thames Valley Police Major Crime Unit throughout the investigation, and filmed the entire process from the point at which the investigation was launched to its conclusion at court in March this year.

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