20,000 more streetlights in Milton Keynes will be converted to LED

    The remaining 20,000 residential streetlights across Milton Keynes are set to be converted to LED over the next two years.

    The streetlights included in this final phase will be structurally tested before the switch to LED and any lamppost that fails the test will be replaced. Any existing issues will also be fixed during the upgrade programme wherever possible.

    A programme outlining which estates will be upgraded and when will be published on the Council’s website in the Streetlighting section and on the Council’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

    Councillor Lauren Townsend, Cabinet Member for Public Realm said, “Streetlights use a lot of energy so changing to LED streetlights will help Milton Keynes City Council to reach its target to be carbon neutral by 2030 and carbon negative by 2050”.

    “Investing now in this upgrade will not only save money on our energy bills, but we’re also providing a better level of lighting on the highway, and it’ll help to reduce maintenance costs too.”

    The LED upgrade programme began in 2014 and has so far saved more than 35,000 tonnes of carbon – and will have saved more than 50,000 tonnes by the time every streetlight has been upgraded.

    The energy-saving lights will also help to offset the rising cost of electricity and make maintaining the lights more efficient. The City Council spends more than £2m every year lighting MK’s roads.

    The old orange sodium lanterns will be replaced with LED lanterns providing crisp, targeted light where needed. This will help to reduce light pollution, as the LED lights are directed onto the road, redway or footways. 

    The remaining estates to be upgraded include:

    • Bradville
    • Bradwell
    • Broughton/Broughton Gate
    • Browns Wood
    • Caldecotte
    • Eaglestone
    • Crownhill
    • Grange Farm
    • Great Holm
    • Great Linford
    • Heelands
    • Kents Hill
    • Loughton
    • Kingsmead
    • Loughton Lodge
    • Middleton / MK Village
    • Monkston
    • Monkston Park
    • Neath Hill
    • Netherfield
    • Old Farm Park
    • Shenley Brook End
    • Shenley Church End
    • Shenley Lodge
    • Simpson
    • Stantonbury incl. S’bury Fields and Campus
    • Tattenhoe
    • Westcroft

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