Steve Edwards to complete 1000th marathon at Milton Keynes

    A marathon runner is set to complete his 1000th marathon in Milton Keynes this May.

    Known by many in the UK running community as “The Godfather”, Steve has accomplished several world records and landmark achievements and is now on the cusp of achieving 1000 official marathons in the fastest average finish time.

    Steve had hoped to achieve this monumental goal in 2022 just before his 60th birthday, but Covid restrictions put paid to that and trying to regain the momentum following this testing period proved to be a massive hurdle.

    Now in his 62nd year, he hopes to achieve the goal in May 2024 at the iconic Milton Keynes Marathon with an estimated average finish time of between 3hrs 21min – 3hrs 22min.

    “For me, Milton Keynes ticks so many boxes in terms of what makes a great city event, and it’s also my most visited city for running. This year will also be my 10th Milton Keynes Marathon, so all in all, it seemed fitting to run my 1000th at this iconic event,” says Steve.

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