Steakhouse releases new menu for Milton Keynes residents to enjoy

    Middletons Steakhouse and Grill released a new menu on Friday (June 21) with numerous fresh dishes added to their menu for residents of Milton Keynes to enjoy.

    The Steakhouse has released a menu for customers to explore and enjoy a variety of delicious new dishes crafted to delight all taste buds, and experience their fresh and new culinary offerings.

    The starters menu has welcomed several new dishes:

    • French baguette, sliced and served with butter, tapenade, and sundried tomatoes
    • Baby back pork ribs, marinated in BBQ sauce , ranch dressing, crispy onions and more
    • Crispy quid nests, served with siracha mayonnaise, kimchi and chilli flakes
    • Chicken wings in buffalo hot sauce, blue cheese dressing and crispy onions

    A new chicken club burger has been added to the menu, with the chicken breast coated in buttermilk, and topped with bacon, lettuce, tomato, garlic mayonnaise and pickles.

    Joining the Grills family will be the Gammon Grill, a gammon steak served with two butchers’ sausages, two fried eggs, and onion rings.

    Added to the seafood menu is Monk fish, in a curry sauce, sticky jasmine rice, almonds, coriander and roti. Another dish to to join the seafood menu will be sea bass fillets, baked in a bag with fennel, herbs, and white wine, crushed new potatoes and tender stem broccoli.

    From it’s humble beginnings, Middletons Steakhouse and Grill’s success has been built on serving fantastic quality food, in stylish surroundings, so don’t miss out on this new menu!

    For more information on their menu please visit

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