Starbucks stores in Milton Keynes join 'Too Good To Go' app to combat food waste

    Local Starbucks branches have recently launched on the 'Too Good To Go' app in a bid to reduce food waste across the city.

    Too Good To Go is a mobile app that allows users to purchase food and drinks from nearby restaurants, shops, cafes, and other businesses at a fraction of the price.

    Its main aim is to prevent perfectly edible food from going to landfill, so it gives businesses the chance to offer up the excess stock that they have that day.

    The excess stock is then sold in 'Magic Bags' which cost between £2 and £4, consisting of random items that have not been sold.

    Businesses that are currently on the app include Greggs, Costa Coffee, Really Awesome Coffee, Morrisons, Caffe Nero, Dobbies, Budgens and BP.

    The latest company to join the fast-growing app is Starbucks, which has multiple branches across Milton Keynes.

    Those who purchase the discounted bags will receive a collection of food that is nearing its sell-by date but is still perfect to eat.

    One person took to Twitter to say that they receive two food pots, two slices of fruit loaf, two brownies, and three muffins for just £5.

    To purchase a Magic Bag, download the Too Good To Go App, available via the Apple Store and Google Play. To find out more click here.

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