Spotted: Rainbows are spreading joy throughout Milton Keynes

    Residents and key workers alike have been spotting rainbows cropping up throughout the city, bringing a glimmer of joy during the coronavirus pandemic.

    Hundreds of households, schools, and organisations throughout Milton Keynes have been getting artistic and creating rainbow art pieces to spread glee. Some people have dedicated their work to the people of the NHS who are working hard to keep us safe during the pandemic. 

    Sally, from Newport Pagnell, spotted 32 rainbows whilst out on her daily walk. "I couldn't help but count them," she said.

    "There were pictures painted by children in windows, on school gates and I even spotted a massive rainbow made out of balloons."

    MKFM asked residents to share pictures of rainbows that they've seen so far, and dozens of creations were shared. Pupils at Giffard Park Primary School created a rainbow made out of handprints, children at Green Park Primary School made various drawings, Bletchley Fire Station covered their windows in a large rainbow, and one local even knitted colourful wreaths to hang up in her windows. 

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