Special Black Lives Matter motion passed by Milton Keynes Council

    Last night, Milton Keynes Council passed an emergency Liberal Democrat motion on Black Lives Matter, thereby placing on record its steadfast support for the movement.

    In passing the motion, Milton Keynes Council affirms that it is mindful of the death of George Floyd in the United States, and the demonstrations that followed.

    The motion commits the Council to acknowledging the depth of public concern expressed over the past weeks about the ingrained, institutionalised racism that exists against BAME (black, asian and minority ethnic) people in this country, particularly following the events in Bristol on 7th June.

    It also acknowledges the difficulty of organising supportive community demonstrations in the current circumstances, while maintaining social distancing requirements.

    The motion received unwavering support from all councillors; Liberal Democrat, Labour and Conservative alike.

    Broughton ward councillor Sam Crooks, who presented the motion, said: “Some things are non-negotiable. That we are all equal, regardless of the colour of our skin, is one of them.”

    “It is only right that this motion received cross-party support. Everyone at the Council must work together to fight for justice and liberty for black communities.”

    The full motion can be read on Milton Keynes Council’s website here.

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