Snozone in Milton Keynes reopens to allow a dog to play in the snow for the very last time

    Snozone at Xscape Milton Keynes reopened to allow one special guest, a dog called Nova, to experience real snow for the very last time.

    Nova's owner, Heidi, contacted Snozone after recently discovering that her Bernese Mountain Dog, who is nearly 8 years old, has incurable cancer. 

    Snozone said: "Nova, a happy, wonderful dog, adores snow and it was one of Heidi's wishes that her beloved companion would feel snow on her paws once more, before she says goodbye."

    Although they are closed to the public, Snozone made an exception to fulfil Heidi's wishes. They continued: "Whilst we maintained social distancing at all times and ensured hygiene and safety processes were strictly followed, we were honoured to help briefly distract Nova from pain and discomfort."

    Nova was born in Canada and lived with Heidi in Calgary, working as a hospital therapy dog before they flew back to live in the UK.

    You can watch a video of Nova playing in the snow by clicking here.

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