Small Milton Keynes book club donates 372 books to local school children

    Members of a small book club who collected 372 books for local school children are urging other groups to do the same.

    The six members of 'Between the Wines' book club in Newport Pagnell persuaded people to donate high quality books for youngsters aged 2 to 7 attending a school and nursery at Fishermead.

    The idea was such a success that they hope other book clubs will follow suit and help disadvantaged children at schools in their areas.

    Jo Orbell, Headteacher at The Willows School and Early Years Centre said: “We were delighted to receive so many books. The children all loved to choose a book of their own to keep forever – what a treasure to help them on their incredible reading journey!”

    Anita, Carly, Debbie, Julie, Rosemary and Sara initially set out to give one book to each of the 170 children at the school. However, they soon hit their target and were able to donate 200 additional books for classroom use.

    Retired teacher and book club member Rosemary Williams said: “It is crucial for children to start reading and enjoying books from a very early age. Reading is the key to opening their imagination and discovering new worlds, as well as being essential to learning and amazing for improving vocabulary.”

    Book donations came from generous children, families and friends of the women.

    This was boosted by the support of the local Rainbows group who added to the book mountain.

    Reading Between the Wines member Carly Williams added: “It was great to be able to help these children and we hope our efforts will now be duplicated by many more book clubs across the country. Little ideas can have a big impact.”

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