Six things you'll know if you commute from Milton Keynes Station

    We spend a lot of time doing it, and we spend even more time moaning about it.

    If you're one of the over six million passengers who use Milton Keynes Station over the year, you'll definitely relate to these.

    1. Don't even think about trying to collect your ticket on a Monday morning

    You'll spend longer in this queue than on the actual train journey.

    2. The 7.31 to London is ALWAYS Delayed

    And they don't even bother giving us a reason anymore.

    3. You still don't understand why the fast Virgin Trains don't stop in the rush hour

    Well, they do stop. But you're not allowed to get on them. And we still don't know why.

    4. Leighton Buzzard commuters are the worst

    It was all fairly civilised until they got on.

    5. You may as well get a horse-drawn carriage than one of the slow trains

    Does anyone even live in Cheddington?

    6. After a hard day at work, good luck trying to leave the platform

    Why can't they just build another staircase?

    But hey, commuting from Milton Keynes gives us plenty of stuff to moan about!

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