Same day booking system could be introduced at Milton Keynes' tips

    In an exclusive interview with Darren from the MKFM breakfast show, Peter Marland, MK Council Leader, discussed plans for the booking system at the tip.

    The system was introduced in the height of the pandemic to stagger the number of people at the site, ensuring that queues were kept at a minimum.

    Since then, the booking system has stayed in place.

    Across the country, many councils are beginning to scrap their booking systems with neighbouring Central Bedfordshire scrapping theirs last month. MK Conservatives have been calling on the council to follow other council's lead.

    Despite this, Milton Keynes council recently stated that they had saved “roughly” £200,000 in the 12 months after it introduced a booking system at its tips.

    Stats show that this has been down to the fact tonnage levels have decreased at the sites.

    In an exclusive interview with MKFM, Peter Marland said: "A number of people don't like it, but lots of people do like it because it enables people to turn up, plan their day but it also means people aren't sitting in queues.

    "The national research shows that it's people sitting in queues that are one of the main reasons for fly tipping because people get there, they look at the queue and think i'm not sitting in that but they've got all this stuff in the car and they will go somewhere and fly tip it."

    He continued: "There is an issue with the tip booking system that we are looking at and that is that you can't currently do and that is same day bookings. We are looking at rolling that out in the future and we are reviewing it." 

    Peter says: " There's no such thing as a political tip booking system, it was introduced because it looked to help the service and saved us money. We are reviewing it but also, we are looking at if it is to continue, making sure that it can be done better."

    The council leader explained that the cost of running the tips over an 18 month period was around £2 million and the tip booking system has saved £200,000 as it stops people visiting from other areas as well as stopping commercial waste being tipped without paying the rates.

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