Sainsbury's set to close office in Milton Keynes due to 'demand for flexible working'

    MKFM understands the Sainsbury's and Argos office in Central Milton Keynes is set to close under new shake-up plans.

    It comes as the supermarket giant Sainsbury's has said it plans to close two Argos depots in a move that will impact 1,400 jobs.

    Sky News has today reported that the company was due to make changes over the next three years, as part of a 'wider shake-up of its general merchandise operations across the group'.

    An employee has told MKFM that the Central Milton Keynes Argos and Sainsbury's office is due to shut under shake up plans, due to greater demand for flexible working.

    Simon Roberts, Sainsbury's chief executive, told Sky News: "As with any major change to our business, we have not taken the difficult decision to start this consultation lightly."

    Unite national officer, Matt Draper, responded that management at Argos/Sainsbury's has 'yet to provide any form of business case' for the shake up plans.

    "Unite will be fighting to preserve every job and will put forward an alternative business case to the company to preserve employment at these two sites," Matt Draper told Sky News.

    "This is an incredibly wealthy company which should be investing in its loyal workforce rather than dumping workers in pursuit of short-term profits.

    "If Sainsbury's doesn't drop its closure plans then Unite will pursue all avenues to preserve employment at these sites."

    MKFM has contacted Sainsbury's for a comment.

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