Roadworks taking place across Milton Keynes as part of 'Golden Grids' programme

    From 14th November 2022, Milton Keynes City Council be carrying out roadworks as part of the Golden Grids scheme on some sections in the following areas.

    The Golden Grids programme was launched back in February of this year by MK City Council, in a bid to improve the look and feel of the network.

    To provide a safe working environment for staff, some temporary road closures and diversions may be necessary.

    Golden Grid Works:

    14-19 November:

    Fox Milne Roundabout

    18-24 November:

    Northfield Roundabout

    21-25 November:

    Leadenhall Roundabout

    24 November-1 December:

    Rooklsey Roundabout

    29 November-5 December:

    Bancroft Roundabout

    2-8 December:

    Bradville Roundabout

    7-13 December:

    Stonebridge Roundabout

    12-16 December:

    Haversham Roundabout

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