Roadworks begin on busy Milton Keynes roundabout tomorrow

    Sections of the roads around Brinklow roundabout and the actual roundabout in Kingston will be closed as part of resurfacing planned.

    The works will begin tomorrow (06/04) and take place during off-peak hours of 9.30 am till 4.30 pm.

    The roundabout is part of the intersection of H8 Standing Way and V11 Tongwell Street and the approaches on these roads to the roundabout will also be resurfaced and painted.

    Prior to this, new ducts will be added under the existing roadway to prevent flooding.

    Street lighting around the roundabout will also be checked and repaired if necessary.

    Due to Covid-19, planned road resurfacing was postponed and replaced by essential minor repairs.

    However, due to prolonged cold and wet weather, the defects have worsened significantly and the Council has no choice but to resurface the roundabout.

    Councillor Emily Darlington, Cabinet Member for Public Realm said: “Literally thousands of vehicles including many HGVs use this roundabout each day, so we know how important it is to get this work done properly and quickly.

    “Milton Keynes Council are investing an additional £150k in pothole repairs this year."

    The Council added that any road closures would be clearly signposted and diversions will be in place.

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