Road repairs taking place across Milton Keynes next week

    To provide a safe working environment for staff, some temporary road closures and diversions may be necessary.

    Road repairs including potholes

    23 November:

    Kingsmead - Saltwood Avenue

    24 November:

    Shenley Church End - Portway between V3 and V4

    25 November:

    Brinklow - Brudenell Drive

    Browns Wood - Bletcham Way between V10 and V11

    Central Milton Keynes - South Seventh Street

    Crownhill - Monro Avenue

    26 November:

    Furzton - Chaffron Way between V4 and V6

    Eaglestone - Chaffron Way between V7 and V8

    Defects and Street Lighting:

    23-26 November:

    Great Holm - Dansteed Way between V4 and V5

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